Introduction of fan waterproof technology

The waterproof function:

fan waterproof technology is a difficult technical problem facing many fan manufacturers, because the product later application in abominable environments (gas water and salt fog corrosion oil etc.). Need a fan cooling demand must be stable work to ensure the long-term effective, otherwise the damage is not only the cooling fan, the cooling circuit system is even a complete set of equipment will be a serious hidden danger, waterproof technology following Taiwan's three giant Xiaobian eye on the next fan making waterproof function before using the industry generally have the following:

1, the use of insulating paint or special glue is used in all aspects of the seal on the motor part.

2, the whole motor immersed in insulating liquids in a short time after the motor drying and sealed, full sealing technique in the control circuit using A, B resin, and the insulating liquid coating soaked after vacuum pressure coating insulation effect and characteristic difference scheme.

3, parylene nano waterproof, compactness, protective effect is completely solved, the equipment cost is relatively high, the process is more complex, other professional manufacturers processing as the main way.