Application technology of cooling fan in refrigerator

New things store a new era of science and technology, now the refrigerator not only to maintain the appearance of food, flavor, but also to retain the nutrients. This constantly thinking and research along more suitable for use on the refrigerator needs: the refrigerator has multiple evaporator and fan, each to be precisely controlled and can be operated independently, in order to maintain the desired temperature, peculiar smell does not interfere with each other, preserved food all the nutrition and delicious flavor.


Anti dust maglev technology .It adopts the technology of patent connecting card and positioning structure and blind hole without gap technology, which has low noise and high efficiency. To prevent dust, service life can reach 70 thousand hours more

Ultra low temperature start-up technology


Refrigerator freezer has the function of rapid cooling, the temperature can reach -32 degrees below zero, improve the freshness of the master, maintain the best condition. The fan with ultra low temperature start-up technology can operate normally at ultra low temperature -40 centigrade, so as to achieve accurate temperature control and provide a quiet, intelligent, energy-saving and efficient cooling system.


Unique noise reduction technology .Artemis software diversified sound analysis, so that the fan has a smaller, comfortable sound quality. Creating a more user-friendly environment.



Micro cooling fan motor technology .It can not only provide accurate control of the temperature in the refrigerator, but also make the sound of the fan become smaller. Generally speaking, the traditional fan motor fan is larger, smaller operation requires higher speed, so they produce specific audio; and the use of micro cooling fan motor technology new motor will shrink, so that fans have greater air flow to help disperse various audio.


This allows for the original noise is not easy to hear.